Academic publications written by EMSOC researchers are assembled in this page. Some of the articles will be directly downloadable from this section. Because of copyright agreements some are not full page retrievable. In such cases a link is provided to the concerning Journal or publisher.

This paper presents the valorisation approach used within the EMSOC research project to disseminate and build upon the research findings amongst respectively together with relevant societal stakeholders. The EMSOC project aims at investigating the extent to which users are empowered or disempowered within a social media culture.

On the 18th of November 2011, the Social Media Network of the European Commission organized an internal workshop inviting social media experts in order to discuss the impact of new…

The fifth European Conference on Game Based Learning proceeded as planned on the 20th and 21st of October, despite the strikes and uproar that was troubling Athens at that time….

In this article you find papers of some interim EMSOC results as submitted for the Communication Policy and Technology (CP&T) Section at the IAMCR Conference ‘Cities, Creativity, Connectivity’, 13-17 July 2011, Istanbul, Turkey

Dataveillance and privacy in social computing: conceptual exploration and analysis of corporate profiling technique. Pierson, Jo & Heyman, Rob.

Editors: Jo Pierson, Enid Mante-Meijer and Eugène Loos For Peter Lang – International Academic Publishers Abstract Recent developments in new media devices and applications have led to the rise of…