Results of the first Belgian Legal Design Jam

22 apr 2014 /


On April, 4th the first Belgian Legal Design Jam took place at ICRI, as part of the EMSOC project. The Jam was led by the Italian designer Stefania Passera, researcher at Aalto University (Finland) and creator of the Legal Design Jam concept. The Jam was the result of the joint collaboration between Passera, EMSOC, the Visual Law Lab, the LLM Research Master in Law and Microsoft.

Scope of the Jam and results

During the Jam a group of creative and enthusiast master Law students, designers, UX and ICT Law experts and the Microsoft attorney Nick Owers tackled together the UK English version of the Terms of Use and Sale from the Microsoft Online Store. The idea was to make this document more user-friendly, easy-to-read, visually attractive and meaningful for potential customers of the website. Each team was constituted by law students, one designer and a researcher who took the role of participant-observer and who made sure that each group’s working process and results were well-documented.

During this Jam, the participants worked around 5 tasks:

– Team 1: redesigning the layout and the structure of the text

– Team 2: creating a user-friendly, visually enhanced summary

– Team 3: visualization of the purchase process

– Team 4: visualization of the return policy process

– Team 5: creating a family of icons to make the meaning of the text more intuitive

The result of the day was an extreme make-over of different aspects of the original version of the document in the form of digital mock-ups. As the Microsoft’s representative Nick Owers acknowledged during the Jam the proposed solutions offered plenty of inspiration to improve their current version of their Terms of Use and Sale from the Microsoft Online Store. For the Master Law students the Jam was also a very enriching experience, as student Sien Peeters (KU Leuven) expressed: “it was an honour to be allowed to participate in this genius project. I really believe that this kind of projects can ultimately make a difference in society.”.

By Verónica Donoso Navarrete