Preventing and coping with Cyberbullying; towards Self-Regulatory Strategies

28 jul 2013 /

In this paper, the first step of a Participatory Design project on combating (cyber)bullying is presented (Van Mechelen, Slegers, De Grooff, 2013). The goal of the project is to provide teachers with a (digital) toolkit to facilitate 9- to 10- year olds to become more self-regulatory as a class group in preventing and coping with traditional bullying as well as cyberbullying. In a series of mapping sessions with experts and teachers using the MAP-it tool, we have identified a set of preconditions for effectively combating (cyber)bullying and suggestions for how these preconditions can be created. The presented results should be seen as a metaphorical map, indicating roads, dangers and opportunities in the design process of the toolkit. Since children are important stakeholders as well, they will be actively involved as design partners in the next steps of the project.

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